We Are Given This Day

On this Martin Luther Kind Day we celebrate a man who was given a gift of understanding. There is poignant statement he said aloud that still resonates . “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is what are we doing for others?” . It is these words spoken by Dr. King that we must remember every day. We are given each day not for ourselves, but to have an impact and help those around us that are in need. On this day, and every day we must see the world around us with a broader vision. For life is meant for kindness to be prevailing, the attribute sound to understand other views, and the continuous practice of  communicating with respect.

I work in government as a public official. It is a job that is difficult, but it is rewarding in the peace you feel from helping others. There are those that do not understand some decisions made. I work hard at what I do, and I understand the existence of variances of a personalities. I read correspondences and listen to those that speak out, and wonder why certain statements are said when kindness always an option.  If  we would all concentrate our breaths and efforts on helping the community around us instead of using our life’s time on conjecture, everyone would be in a better place.

My birthday falls roughly at the same time as Martin Luther King Day, so I have always spent this time of year reflecting. He was given a short life, but with every morning he awoke believing in the future and the ability to make a difference for those around him and generations to come. He was oppressed, but hopeful. He was subjugated, but he knew he could rise. He struggled with hate, but he prevailed love. 

Each day we rise and we must be mindful of our words, our actions, our decisions made. We must say to ourselves what are we doing for others as his words remind us to do so. For often I have learned, that those that are often the quietest, the ones that can offer a smile but hide beneath the shadows of others, are at times the ones most in need of our attention. The loud can remonstrate and cavil, but it is often the silent are truly suffering. We must live each day to hear those that want attention, but understand that behind every loud voice or individual agenda, there are numerous others who need basic needs met.  We must help those that struggle without asking or speaking aloud. We must listen to the silence and look to help those that do not ask for themselves. We are given this day to make tomorrow better for those around us.