Sprinkle Joy

This month is a month of celebrations. The days are often colder and darker and we seek light and warmth. From giant menorahs to dancing snowflakes and candy canes hung outside of otherwise sleek office buildings, it is a time to glow brightest and shine .The holiday season is rarely understated. In days when the laughter of gatherings are often kept indoors with more intimate invitations, we want to share our joy with the outside. In houses in the country and windows in the city, there is beauty in decorating for others, of giving gifts to acknowledge importance in our lives, and always choosing to sprinkle joy.

“Sprinkle Joy”. That sign remains one of the most beautiful decorations I have ever seen. It hung on an otherwise unadorned bank building, in stark contrast with live actors dressed up as dancing fairies in windows and gold and pine green branches adorned outside of neighboring stores. The plain grey and white with the beautiful words by Ralph Waldo Emerson stood bright amongst the rest. It serves as a reminder to always try and bring joy to each day and to every person we encounter.

Many have the ability to give gifts, but it is important to recognize the ability to give joy. As Thanksgiving is when we tend to focus on what we have, this month is when our attention is focused on how we can give to others. There are certain people that when they walk into a room it is as if they are wearing a glowing diadem of warmth and happiness. Every moment is chance and a choice to complain or commend. When we see the good in others, it always improves our own outlook towards each day and memory of the moment.

Compliments and kind gestures never diminish from our own attributes, but rather heighten an awareness for what we appreciate in others and look for in ourselves. We may remember an unkind moment in the past, but we always seek kindness in our present. As beauty can attract and interest keeps, it is the joy around us that both attracts and keeps us wanting to be in its presence.

Recently, I was crossing a darkened city street in the height of rush hour and there was construction in the middle of the road. There in the midst of what could have been a wholly unpleasant scene was a man hard at work wearing his issued hardhat which he had completely adorned with colored lights. It was a beautiful sight to see the purposeful intention of bringing joy to the unexpected.

We often travel the most this time of year, and we may encounter people along the way that we might not see again, the ticket agent, the restaurant worker, the stranger sitting next to us, it is important to always treat each person as if we will always see them again. To remember to always be kind and speak well to those around us. To be the one who purposeful brings light to the unexpected. We gain when we give, and it is always best to sprinkle joy.

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